Soft tissues available at discounted prices:

EASY-RAM: Semi automatic disposable biopsy needle with a “guillotine” cutting system, with cannular tip designed to make the tissue penetration, tissue cutting and the biotic sampling as less traumatic as possible. Available codes are: 16GA, 17GA, and 18GA. The prices ranges from N9,500.                                                                                     BIOSPSY NEEDLES

  1. HEPA-KIT: Disposable kit used for hepatic biopsy according to the menghini techniques made of the following parts:
  • A syringe
  • A big sharpened needle without the mandrel for hepatic tissue aspiration
  • A needle used for the syringe filling with a biocompatible liquid necessarily for cleaning the internal needle before the tissue perforation
  • A scalpel
  • Available codes are: 15GA, 16GA, 17GA and 18GA


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